73rd Hunger Games

Comment here or here on who you want to compete as! First come, first served system.

District 1 – Sparkle Harrod, Tinsel King
District 2 – Denton Crack, Taylor Smith
District 3 – Jade Masters, Marlo Runner
District 4 – Eve Gilligan, Steven Fisher (has glasses)
District 5 – Addison Former, Zoltan Spark
District 6 – Ferris Johnstone, Olivia Track
District 7 – Chloe Ewan, Jay Chuck
District 8 – Cisco Long, Rebecca Plaid (kinda chubby)
District 9 – Alf Barrett, Harper Jackson
District 10 – George Butcher, Lucy Shearer
District 11 – Nash Palmer, Zoe Armitage
District 12 – Crocus Bracken, Poppy Glover

A strikethrough means they’re taken. All are taken so I’ve restored the list.

All I will tell you now is that it has one of the biggest Arenas ever, that half the tributes die in a day, that I control it and that Harper wins.

Images at the link above.


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