Building the Arena

Constructing anything of that scale should be hard, right?

Yes. And doing a CGI of it isn’t easy, either. Each Arena may very well begin construction as soon as the previous games is over, or even before then. And each, obviously, will give a certain district a bit of an unfair advantage.

Like the 74th obviously weened the way of District 7 as it was pretty much all forest, though this gave Katniss an advantage there, too. Then the 75th Games headed in District 4’s direction as there was an ocean, but perhaps also to Districts 9 & 11 as they’re more likely able to tolerate higher temperatures.

So, I tried to create an unbiased Arena but it wasn’t happening so I went with my instinct and gave it a twist. The tributes start out about 7 feet from the edge of a 100+ foot hill, with the Cornucopia in the Valley. As we all know those from District 9 are quick thinkers (and, okay, the Arena went their way as they know fields and hills) I had to let one win. Make it a girl. So Harper wins. Why Harper? Well, the District 9 tributes all seem to be a bit like they’re from Yorkshire (which is actually quite a bit like virtually exactly the same as 9, just wetter), so traditional Northern British names it was (Harper Jackson, Alf Bennett).

This valley is a V-shaped one, meaning it’s because of a river and quite small. Yes, there’s obviously a bit of a trickle of a river running through it.

There’s obviously a hill on the other side, but this isn’t quite as tall, about 70-80′. The river forks to go round it, continuing straight on into a mini-forest. Just to be mean, the stream turns into full-blown rapids with jagged rocks and everything round the other side of this smaller hill.

It’s mild season, so there’s a lot of that fluffy grass waste around (that I’ve forgotten the name of). The hills do have little rocky bits, and some parts are steeper than others. The Cornucopia doesn’t face either hill, or the mini-forest, but the converging point and the source of the river.

At the pedestals, if you were to turn around in any direction, there’s pretty much endless field – but just before the horizon you can see where the field either becomes more meadowy, dips into another valley, becomes a stem-plant orchard or a wheat field. Keep heading, and there are more fields. Less places to hide; especially seeing as it’s one of the largest Arenas ever, with a diameter of 216 miles. (Main part, it’s not a perfect semisphere.)

Because there has to be a race to the Cornucopia and a bloodbath, most of the tributes head off down the hillside. Thinking they’re clever, others head off in a different direction to a field/other valley/wood. Besides D9, it takes a while to make it to the Cornucopia.

Ah, pictures. Pictures help.

So, first idea (unfinished image):

Then created the outside:

Then added some light:

Then, I resorted to paint :):

Click on the images to see them bigger. Here, in the last one, as I said, the Cornucopia faces in (left). The dimensions and everything aren’t quite right, but it’s better than you having to go off just a description, right? The river and pedestals are also blown out of proportion, there’s a boulder pit SPOILER ALERT! which has an earthquake on the second day, and experiences aftershocks for some time after. There are also rocks by where the little weir-like waterfall at the second fork is. If you’ve ever been white water rafting or kayaking, you’ll probably know what this looks like. The ‘orchard of stem plants’ would be just to the left (on here) of the proper-sized forest.

Oh, and the “fake valley”, it’s the other valley I mentioned above and once you’ve gone down, it’s really hard to get out of, not really a valley at all and created just to see if any tribute gets trapped down there.

Also, in some of the fields, there will be poisonous snakes and cannibal crows. That swamp can be deadly, also.

So, this is the first look at the Arena for the 73rd Annual Hunger Games. Any questions?


Welcome to the Games!

Hi there.

We’re going to do a little Hunger Games playing.

There will be miserable ends, as is, but we can take that.

First off, we’re starting with the 73rd Annual Games, and random ones will follow, as well as some stories from Panem and the Games.

So; Let the Games Begin!